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My rescue dog: who saved whom?

I've always liked dogs, but I never loved them, you know? I didn't grow up with man's best friend (mom claimed she had too many kids), and by the time my parents decided it was okay to add a four-legged friend to the family, I was already in college. One of my roommates in college had two dogs, and my roommate after college had a puppy, so I was always kind of a pseudo-mom to many dogs. Then I got married and became a stepmom to Beaux, seen below. And then I became a real dog mom to the absolute best baby girl in the world (no bias here).

Pippa and Beaux swapping secrets.

On the Friday before Christmas in 2014, one month after my husband and I got married, one of my friends texted me and asked if we wanted a dog, with this photo attached.

I mean, SERIOUSLY!? How was I supposed to say no to this!?

Then I heard the story of why she needed a home, and my heart broke and was instantly mended when I realized we could give this girl a home she may not have had otherwise.

My friend's fiance's neighbor found Pippa living with a homeless man in downtown Dallas. Yes, this perfect, tiny ball of cuteness was living on the streets in Dallas with a man who wanted nothing more than to get some money in exchange for her life. Thankfully the guy who saved Pippa from this man cared enough to try to find her a loving home, and that's how we ended up with her one week later.

I was getting ready for a Christmas party when my friend sent me the text that would lead to the best impromtu Christmas present ever, and I bolted into our living room and exclaimed that I had a very serious question for my husband. (Pretty sure he thought I was going to ask him if he was ready to be a dad.) I know for a fact that I scared him, but then I showed him this photo and asked, "Can we please get her?" Needless to say, he was relieved that my serious question wasn't as dramatic as he was anticipating. Pippa was ours at 8 a.m. the next day.

Pippa is the reason we don't have a rug anymore and probably won't anytime soon. And maybe she ate Logan's glasses, and we are now down a few washcloths. I wouldn't trade any of that, though, because rescuing her was one of the best decisions we ever made. She is the weidest, sweetest, most loving dog I know, and that old cliche, "who saved whom?" couldn't be more true for us. Sure, I talk to her as though she is a human, and yes, I am aware that she really only understands the words sit, stay, shake, treat, bad girl, good girl and "come on come on come on!", but Pippa is seriously like a child to me, and I couldn't be happier that my sweet friend thought of us when trying to find a home for her nearly one year ago.

On Sunday we celebrated her first birthday, and I of course spoiled her with "dog cookies," new toys and lots of snuggles. We had no idea what we were getting into when we adopted her; she could have been standoffish toward humans, aggressive from spending her first few weeks of life in a hostile environment, or it's possible she wouldn't have gotten along with Beaux. But I am so glad we decided to go the rescue route, and it has made me a rescue dog person for life. If you're considering getting a dog, I highly suggest you check out local shelters before going with a breeder. Rescue dogs need so much love, and they're very likely to give it back even if they've had the toughest life.

Pippa's birthday haul!

Pippa on her "first birthday." This weirdo sure does love sticks that are a bit too big for her.

We don't know exactly what kind of dog she is (lab + ? + ?), and we will never know her actual birthday (not going to lie--that kind of makes me sad), but I do know that she will continue to be spoiled the rest of her days, and I am totally unashamed of how obsessed I am with her.

You can find Pippa on Instagram at @princesspippajoy. Again, not ashamed.

One last photo and then I'm done. Pippa's first Christmas!


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