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May Designs Giveaway

I am most definitely an old soul at heart. While I love what the digital age has brought us in terms of connectivity and opportunities through technology (hello, blog), I still love a good newspaper, my paper-back books and snail mail. I also refuse to use an electronic or digital calendar unless it's for meetings at work (mostly because I have to), and I firmly believe that thank you cards are far from dead.

That's why I LOVE May Designs. I have been a loyal May Designs consumer since 2013, and I currently own four different May Designs products, including stationery, a planner, an address book (told y'all--old soul here) and HerStory branded notebooks (when I saw this was a thing, I jumped on that reeeeal quick). I also had a planner made specifically for wedding planning when I was engaged.

Lattes brought to you by 20th Century Cafe in Hayes Valley.

There are many things I love about May Designs. One, their products are eco-friendly. Two, the products are super lightweight. I can carry all of my books with me in my purse and not feel weighed down, which is a big reason people have switched over to digital resources when it comes to planners and address books. And three, the products are adorable! You can customize your books in a variety of ways: initials, full names, different designs, you name it.

In addition to the stunning designs that are constantly available, May Designs often introduces new collections, as well as seasonal offerings and causes, such as holidays and Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which you can shop now, and 15 percent of your purchase goes to Susan G. Komen of Austin).

My address book donns a Jane Austen quote: "There is no charm equal to tenderness of the heart."

Finally, here are some personal reasons I love May Designs:

  • Mica May, the founder and CEO of May Designs, is an entrepreneur. And I love women entrepreneurs. It's so scary to launch something that may or may not work out, and when women feel they have the resources, support and confidence to just go for it, that's amazing.

  • May Designs describes themselves as "paper dorks" and I do, too.

  • Mica May drinks coffee at 3 p.m. Some people don't understand the need for coffee that late in the afternoon, but I do, and I'm glad Mica does, as well. #coffeeisalwaysagoodidea


Now it's time for your chance to add some May Designs products to your bag, purse, desk, whatever. Head over to my Instagram (@beccaculotta) for info on how to enter. The winner will receive a $50 gift card plus a discount code that will cover one book + free shipping ($29 value), so you'll essentially receive $79 to May Designs. The winner will be announced on Instagram at noon on Friday.

Seriously obsessed with my HerStory branded notebooks.

Just a note: the giveaway will be live on Instagram on Monday, Oct. 19 at 12 p.m. CST.

Good luck, and happy May Designs shopping!

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