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How to Style a Bar Cart

I finally invested in a little piece of home decor I've always had my eye on: a bar cart! We have a coffee cart, which comprises a Keurig, French press, coffee bean grinder, and latte/cappucino/espresso maker, and now our "cart scene" is complete with the addition of our beautiful bar cart.

We needed something small (hello, San Francisco living), and we found the perfect cart at The Container Store. It fits nicely in a corner close to our kitchen, so the convenience is there but it's not in the way (aka blocking our door).

I think I will constantly change the styling of this bar cart as we acquire new trinkets (and beverages, of course), and as we need various set-ups for parties and such, but this is a nice start!

The top shelf was originally the wine shelf, but after careful deliberation, I decided to change it to the whiskey shelf so my husband has easier access to his whiskey decanter (I really just didn't want him knocking things off the shelf...). We are obsessed with these adorable whiskey glasses from Crate & Barrel (if only I drank whiskey) and I LOVE this clock I picked up at Neiman Marcus (not available online but can be found on eBay here). It looks like something I could find in my grandmother's house, and I love the vintage look it adds to the entire aesthetic of the cart.

The second shelf is our wine shelf. I decided to decorate with our very last bottles of our wedding wine--Llano's signature red and white, a winery in Lubbock, Texas, where we both attended Texas Tech University. (Side note to anyone who visits: these are for decoration, not for drinking!). I also styled this shelf with some of my favorite wine glasses (all wedding gifts), and this beautiful bowl from Target filled with wine stoppers (bowl is no longer available online).

The third shelf is what my husband calls "the junk shelf." We have a whiskey book (Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye by Clay Risen), a wine book (Windows on the World by Kevin Zraly), a decorative C book, a vase (that admittedly needs flowers) and a framed wedding invitation. I love that the bottom shelf adds an extra layer of homey decor.

This little bar cart looks perfect nuzzled next to our record player. I am thinking about making this a DIY project and using rustoleum on the silver since I am a tad bit obsessed with gold right now, and if I do I'll be sure to share how that goes (hopefully well).

Do you have a bar cart in your home? I'd love to see photos! Email them to me at If you have any questions on how to style a bar or coffee cart, drop me a comment and I'll get back to you!


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