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Branch Out: Fall Style

I am so excited to introduce my new series: Branch Out. This idea came to fruition on our four-day excursion from Dallas to San Francisco. I really started thinking about where we were in life (reminder: moving to the west coast after living in Texas for the majority of our lives) and decided that this move to SF would be the beginning of series of exciting changes in my personal life and in our relationship. We get so comfortable, and ultimately stuck, in the redundancy of normalcy, but in my opinion, there is nothing more exciting than branching out and recognizing a new aspect of your life that you love.

I plan on bringing you branch out advice, tips and tricks in various forms: style, career, relationships, you name it. First up: fall style. Fashion isn't something I typically experiment with, mostly because clothes are expensive, y'all, and it can be difficult to commit to a new piece or trend that is a bit outside of your comfort zone. What I've discovered, though, is fashion is a form of art, and even though my idea of "branching out" isn't the same as someone else's, it's still new and fun to me, and that's all that matters!

I am a huge fan of neutrals. I don't typically buy lots of colored everyday pieces; I'd rather invest in solid neutrals and add pops of color to my jewelry, under layers and shoes. So when I spotted this neutral poncho at Francesca's (side note: I almost lost it when I figured out there is a Francesca's within walking distance of my apartment), I knew I needed to add it to my closet. I've always been skeptical of ponchos because I am short, and I worried I would look even shorter in a lot of fabric. However, I felt super comfortable in this poncho paired with leggings (that's the trick--wear leggings instead of jeans) and boots with a heel. Also, this poncho is kind of like wearing a fashionable blanket, and I am all about that. Bonus: these leggings are fleece-lined. SO comfy!

I am not typically one to buy funky shoes, but these boots instantly caught my eye and reminded me of something I'd see in Texas (bonus: they were 30 percent off), so I had to grab them. I can wear these with blacks, browns, grays, anything!

The best thing about neutrals is their versatility. I wanted to be able to showcase how easy it is to mix up an outfit quickly, so I ditched the poncho and added a gray cardigan and white scarf to instantly sport a new look.

Want to know the best part about all of these pieces? They're all affordable! I got the entire poncho outfit (poncho, shirt, leggings, necklace and boots) at Francesa's for $120!








Necklace (sold out but shop similar styles!)


Watch (AIBI watch discount code BECCAC: $20 off any watch!)

White stone ring


And because so many people are asking me, the spiral midi ring is $12 at Francesca's!

What are some of your go-to pieces, and how do you plan on mixing up your wardrobe this fall? I'd love to hear from you! And stay tuned for more from HerStory's Branch Out series!

Also, some of my favorite photos from photo shoots are outakes.

And sometimes, you and your photographer experiment with fun poses, and you get this:

All photos taken by Lindsay Bishop of L. Bishop Photography.

Hair: Stephanie Argiros of Joseph Cozza Salon

Makeup: Benefit Cosmetics

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