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My Favorite Benefit Cosmetics Products

You may have seen my skincare products post from last week. After I wrote that post, I decided I'd write a Benefit Cosmetics post because I realized I have so many Benefit products I love, and I think you'll be intrigued by them, as well.

I've known of Benefit for a while now, but I didn't own any Benefit products until I moved out to San Francisco. There are Benefit boutiques everywhere, and conveniently, there is a boutique walking distance from my office and apartment.

I am all about finding great drugstore products that work well and fit with my budget, but I just can't stay away from Benefit. Not only are the product names and packaging creative, (not going to lie, I'm a sucker for that) the products work well. I haven't met a Benefit product I didn't love. The 11 products below are what I currently have in my makeup bag and purse, and I know I'll add more soon! See below for details on each product.

1. Instant Comeback Facial Serum. This is a recent addition to my skincare routine, and I am LOVING it. You can use this in place of moisturizer or use it underneath your moisturizer. I use it by itself as my daytime moisturizer, and then I use it underneath my Aveeno moisturizer at night. It's so gentle and leaves my face feeling extremely soft. $46

2. Fakeup Undereye Concealer. It may say "undereye" in the name, but I use this as my everyday concealer. You don't need to use that much, so it lasts forever! It really does cover blemishes and smooth out my under eyes so well. $24

3. Lollitint Cheek and Lip Stain. This one doubles as a blush and lip stain. When I want a nice pop on my cheeks, I use this instead of blush. It just takes three slight strokes and a quick blend with your fingers, and you're good to go. $30

4. Lollibalm. I don't go anywhere without this. This is a tinted lip balm, so it's a great moisturizer if your lips are chapped, but it also gives you some color! I have one in my purse and in my makeup bag at home. $18

5. Watt's Up Highlighter. I never understood the need or purpose for highlighter. I viewed it as an added cost and extra stuff on my face. But then I got my makeup done at Benefit for a photo shoot and I became a believer. This highlighter is AMAZING because it's subtle, so it doesn't make you look like your face is caked with makeup. One end is the highlighter, and the other is a foam sponge to blend it. I glide it across my cheekbone up to my brow bone and blend. $30

6. Concealer Brush. I like using a brush for concealer because I don't feel like it pulls on my skin as much as my fingers do, and when I'm trying to cover a blemish, I don't want to add oil from my fingers to the concealer on top of the blemish. I clean this brush after I use it. $22

7. Puff Off. This is the stuff I talked about in my previous post. I LOVE IT. I use it after I moisturize right before I put on my makeup. It smooths morning puffiness and makes me look (and feel) more alive in the a.m. $29

8. Roller Lash Mascara. I used to be against big-brand mascaras, and that was honestly because I hadn't found one that was worth the money. All of that changed when I tried Benefit's Roller Lash. I have the thinnest, shortest eyelashes, but you wouldn't believe that by how they look after using this mascara. Someone even asked me if I was wearing fake eyelashes once. That, my friends, is something I've never heard before (well, minus when I actually was wearing fake eyelashes). $24

9. The POREfessional Agency Zero Shine Powder. This bad boy stays in my purse at all times. It has a little brush on one end so you can quickly touch up on the go. Also, you know how your face sometimes seems a lot lighter than the rest of your body in photos? Well, this protects against the "flashback." $30

10. That Gal Primer Brightening Face Primer. I love this stuff because I can wear it as a primer underneath my face makeup or throw it on quickly by itself if I need to run out in a pinch. It contains light-reflecting pigments that brighten skin and reduce redness, and it's pink! $29

11. Gimmie Brow. Okay, all you brow-filler lovers. This is the only brow filler you will ever need. It looks so natural, and as weird as this sounds, it keeps your brows in place. I use the light/medium color, and I don't envision myself ditching this product anytime soon. $24

Go ahead and treat yourself to some new Benefit makeup this holiday season, or add these to your wish list as a friendly nudge! If there is a Benefit boutique in your city, do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. You won't regret it!

What are some of your favorite Benefit products?

Be sure to shop Benefit this Black Friday! Head to for deets.

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