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Simple Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home

I am pretty sure my husband thinks I'm absolutely crazy because I am always thinking on new ways to transform our San Francisco apartment, from new wall decor, to floral, to throw pillows. Ever since we moved to San Francisco and had to downsize from a house to an apartment, I've realized how much I love decorating smaller spaces (although I do miss the closet space we had in Dallas). I decided to share some tips and tricks from my own apartment, as well as from two of my stylish friends' homes, and a bonus of some inspiration from one of my favorite stores, Crate & Barrel.


We currently have one sink, but I love that the sink portion of the bathroom is separate from the toilet and tub. It makes it easier when we have guests. Surprisingly, the toilet and tub part of the bathroom is pretty sizable, so we decided to make use of the space we had and purchase a shelf, especially since closet/cabinet space in SF is as easy to find as your alarm clock on a Monday morning (spoiler: not easy).

Not pictured on the bottom two shelves: towels and a jar filled with mini toiletries for guests (and for me when I travel and didn't prepare adequately).

Shelf: The Container Store, sold out, similar // Flowers: Target, sold out, have this in our living room // Wicker Basket: The Container Store // C towel: Bed Bath & Beyond // White towel: Dillard's

I tried to get crafty with how I organize the small counter space we have around our sink. I've learned that leveling instantly makes a countertop look more interesting, so I picked up a candle holder from Crate & Barrel and use it to prop up the mason jar that holds my makeup brushes. I also repurposed this fun confetti plate for a facial product dish.

Bathroom accessories: sold out, shop Crate & Barrel // Ring dish: Urban Outfitters // Candle holder: Crate & Barrel

Plate: Crate & Barrel // Moisturizer: Benefit // Serum: Benefit // Eye gel: Ole Henriksen // Hair ties/bobby pins: the depths of my purse


I firmly believe that the bedroom should always be bright and tidy. We don't have a TV in our bedroom because I want our room to feel like an escape. That also gives me more opportunity to decorate tables, shelves and walls.

I love our dresser setup, and I especially love this little corner. The lantern on the right was where guests put their cards at our wedding, and I have every single card we received for wedding festivities (showers, bachelorette party, wedding) in this lantern along with rose petals and my garter. It's a lovely reminder of our engagement and wedding. I have also had this artificial orchid since I lived in Detroit (which was three years ago, and they still have it). That's when you know you love a piece of decor: it travels across state lines and through multiple apartments/houses with you. Also, we have tons of coasters, so I decided to use this coaster as a little prop-up for one of my favorite Bijou Candles (alert: you can shop Bijou Candles through this link and use discount code HerStoryBijou to get 15 percent off your purchase through Christmas Day!).

Candle holder: Sold out but I LOVE this one // Orchid: Pier 1 Imports // Lantern: Hobby Lobby, sold out, similar // Coaster: Bed Bath & Beyond // Candle: Bijou Candles // Frame: Crate & Barrel

My nightstand is not complete without flowers (thanks to ProFlowers for sending me these beauties!), my block R (for Rebecca, if you were confused), this fun lamp, my monogrammed ring dish, and my repurposed Bijou Candles base filled with chapstick.

Lamp: Bed Bath & Beyond // Flowers: ProFlowers // Block R: Hobby Lobby, sold out, similar // Candle base: Bijou Candles // Ring dish: Etsy

And then there's our bedding. After we got married and decided to spend a day taking advantage of wedding gift cards, I was seriously worried about finding bedding that we could agree on. We saw this Barbara Barry bedding at Bed Bath & Beyond and instantly fell in love. We love that it has a little bit of character to it with the various prints, textures and colors, but it's still simple and bright, and that's the look we were both going for.

Bedding: Barbara Barry Collection

My friend Brittany sure knows how to make simple elegance radiate. She made this headboard herself! Isn't it beautiful?! I also love the nighstands on the wall instead of drawer-like nightstands (floating nightstands, I'm learning, are the new thing). I may have to steal this idea.

Headboard: DIY // Sheets: Restoration Hardware // Nighstand: Unsure, but I feel a DIY post coming soon... // Vase: Anthropologie // Frame: Michael's

Here's a better look at Brittany's nightstand. How adorable is this!?

Brittany made this curtain rod from a copper rod she purchased at Home Depot. She did this for two rooms and estimates it costed her no more than $100 total. She said she wanted a pretty, rustic feel, and I think we can all agree this DIY project turned out exactly how she envisioned it would.


Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands and create the look and feel you desire. That's what my friend Sophie did in her kitchen. She didn't love the all-white background in her kitchen shelves, so she took some fabric, foam and adhesive glue and create this adorable background.

Strawberry saucer: Antique // Butter dish: Anthropologie // Book: The Art of Simple Food

Flowers are an instant way to brighten your kitchen. Here's another look at my beautiful bouquet from ProFlowers. I love how the unique greenery pieces make the white roses pop.

I've given you a glimpse of my bar cart before, but here's another peek of it snuggled next to our record player. I think Adele's 25 is officially on my list of must-have records. Also, I'm so glad records made a comeback. Now if only print media could do the same... (#oldsoul)

Record Player: Urban Outfitters // Bar cart: The Container Store

Another integral piece of our apartment is our coffee cart. We have a Keurig, a latte/cappuccino/espresso maker and a coffee grinder. I especially love this little piece on the top shelf where we hang our favorite coffee mugs right next to our fresh flowers.

Flowers: ProFlowers // Top mug: Anthropologie, sold out, similar // Bottom mug: Urban Outfitters, sold out, shop here // Coffee mug tree: Bed Bath & Beyond


Not only is Brittany's apartment beautiful, she also has an adorable and hilarious cat, Piper. See that little furball on the Christmas pillow below? That is her kitten; that's not a stuffed animal or a throw pillow. She is the funniest little goofball!

Table: At Home, sold out, similar // Sofa: Anthropologie // Christmas pillow: Pottery Barn // Rug: At Home

Chair: Tuesday Morning // Bow pillow: Target


I also snagged some serious inspiration from Crate & Barrel as I was shopping today. I should never be allowed in that store alone.

What are some of your favorite home decor pieces or tidbits of decorating advice? I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. Special thanks to ProFlowers for sending me the beautiful bouquet featured in this post!


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