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My 2016 Reading Challenge

Full transparency: I started a reading challenge in January and got about halfway through it (mostly because I lost the paper and then forgot about it). I am determined to complete this reading challenge in 2016 (starting completely over, no carry-overs from 2015). I love reading challenges because they force you outside of your comfort zone and enable you to fall in love with different genres, authors and time periods you never thought you would have been interested in before.

I've created this print-friendly image so you can check the challenges off as you go. Just right click, select "Open image in new tab" and print it out. It's that easy. I also like to write the books I've read for each challenge off to the side.

I'd love to hear how your reading challenge is going, so if you decide to participate, let me know so we can keep in touch on what you're reading and how far along you've gotten throughout the course of the year.

Happy reading, and cheers to a year filled with love, laughter and literature!


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