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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Two

It's that time of the week: Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket picks! Last week there was confusion as to how many women Ben keeps, and this week, I think I have a solution. The ABC website says he keeps 17 women tomorrow night, but ABC is a sneaky little thing and likes to throw curveballs at us, so I decided to include an "extra pick" on the bracket this week.

Here's how it works: pick your top 17 women prior to the show airing. Your picks need to be locked in before you watch. Pick an 18th woman and write her name on the "extra pick" line. Let's say ABC tells us the truth and Ben picks only 17 women, and let's say Becca is on your "extra pick" line, but Ben picks Becca out of his 17 women, you do not get credit for Becca. However, if Ben picks 18 women, Becca is on your extra pick line, and he picks Becca, you do get credit for Becca. Simple enough, just wanted to make sure I explained it well. (As a former teacher, I know how important clear instructions are...)

I got 18 correct last week, so I like where I stand this week! You'll notice each correct point is worth two points this week, so make sure you do the math correctly and get all those points you deserve. If I had to pick my top four right now, I'd pick Becca, Jojo, Lauren B. and Amanda. I'm iffy on Amanda solely because I don't know if Ben is ready to be a dad to two young girls, but I think she is so sweet and really want them to work out! Becca is my ultimate fave, but I'm kind of hoping she remains the fan favorite and goes far enough to be the next Bachelorette. We shall see.

If you need a reminder of who made it through last week, head to

How did you do last week, and who are some of your favorites? Let me know!

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