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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Three

It's that time of the week! Last week was absolutely insane. I don't know who comes up with these dates, but every year I think they can't get crazier, and then ABC outdoes itself. Poor Samantha. Sour, Ben? Really?

I will say, I didn't love Olivia the first night like some people did. I found her to be disingenuous, and I was kind of shocked she received the first impression rose. Now all of my friends are upset because she is proving to be the villain of the season, but I like to think I knew she would be from the start. I'm ready for Jojo, Amanda, Lauren B. and Becca to take the reigns and win Ben's heart, but first, we need to watch the downfall of Olivia. And Lace. Don't forget about Lace. And it looks like something happens with Jubilee this week...

Couple of updates from last week. Looks like the numbers were off because of LB's unexpected exit. So, the 18th pick is voided; pretend like it was never there. You only get credit for a rose if Ben gives a rose and the woman accepts, so if you put LB in your top 17, you do not get credit for her. If you put Amber in your top 17, you do get credit for her. If you put Amber as your 18th (extra) pick (like i did), you do not get credit for her.

We should be good on numbers this week, so I didn't include an extra pick. Seventeen women are currently with us, but only 14 will stay! Who are you current favorites, and how did you do last week? I'm currently at 48 points!

Printing reminder: right click the image below, select "open image in new tab" and print!

And in case you need a refresher on who is still around, this should help you out.

Special thanks to Proflowers for the beautiful blooms featured in this post!


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