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My favorite Nike Women Running Gear

Running outside in San Francisco makes way more sense than running inside in San Francisco. Most of the year, the weather is perfect, and there are tons of scenic views to keep your attention off of the pain or exhaustion you feel as you stride through the miles. It's kind of tough to run near our apartment because we live close to the heart of downtown and the Financial District (read: small spaces filled with people not paying attention to anything), but once you get out by the water, the world is your oyster (or your track).

It's a little chilly right now, and El Niño is being a serious brat (I know, I know, we need it #sillytexan), but thankfully we get little breaks in the monsoons and there are days that can be spent outside. Those days are coveted, my friends.

Aside: I don't hate rain. I think rain is great. Rain is necessary. But walking a mile to work in sideways rain with crazy winds is not enjoyable. End aside.

I keep it pretty simple when it comes to my workout gear, but there are a few pieces that I absolutely love and want to share with you all. Outside of these items being extremely, for lack of a better word, adorable, they're super functional, as well.

Let's start with the top. I like my shirts to have a relaxed fit--casual tops, sweaters and even workout tops. Rarely will you find me wearing a skin-tight workout top, mostly because I like the the way a loose, relaxed fit feels, especially once I get going. That's why I love this Nike Bonded top. It comes in three colors, but I like the white because it goes with all of my running tights. It has a little tie at the bottom in the front, but I leave that untied. It feels super light as I run, and it's just overall extremely comfortable, especially if I need to run a quick errand after a workout. I am wearing a small in this top. I also love this sports bra. The name says it all: Hypercool.

Next, the tights. I LOVE these, and I am so sad to report that this exact print is sold out, but Nike still makes a ton of adorable prints in these tights. I really love these. They are super comfortable, light, and they breathe well. Additionally, the waistline isn't uncomfortable, which is really important for me in a pair of running tights. I often get cramps when I run (always have, no matter what I eat, drink or how I breathe; I just have to fight through it!), and if tights are uncomfortable around my waist, they're a major no-go. These. Are. Amazing.

And, finally, the shoes. These are by far the best running shoes I've ever owned. I've gone through pair after pair, blaming my shoes for my running woes, and in part, I was struggling because my footwear was off. These, however, have been my saving grace. They give me the support I need while not feeling like I am running with bricks on my feet. This exact color combo isn't available anymore, but you can shop the Nike Free 4.0 here. I also love that I can work out in other ways with these shoes; they're not just for running (helps the bank account, to be honest).

Current life goal: to be able to outrun my former track/cross country star husband. I'm not there yet, but maybe one day I will be. :)

Also, I cannot live without my Fitbit Charge. It helps me stay competitive -- with myself. I used to average 20,000 steps per day when I was teaching, and that was without a workout. I may check it a little too obsessively, but at least it's a healthy addiction, right?

Have any tips for running gear I should add to my collection?

Top: Nike // Sports Bra: Nike // Tights: Nike (sold out, similar prints linked) // Shoes: Nike // Fitbit

All photos by L. Bishop Photography

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