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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Four

I just want to start with this: Lace really impressed me last week, but she also made me sad. As much as I love this show, I can only imagine the self-esteem issues it forces upon people, and say what you want about their own decisions about going on the show; it still must be so tough, even for the most confident woman. I felt that Lace’s chat with Ben when she decided to leave was extremely honest and genuine. It almost felt like we weren’t watching a TV show and were instead eavesdropping on a real couple’s conversation. It’s tough to admit something like that to yourself, and even more so, can you imagine admitting that to a guy + millions of strangers? Good for Lace. I hope she is doing better and feels more confident in herself after leaving the show.

Now, onto this week. We’re downsizing our list of future Mrs. Ben Higgins options from 14 to 11. We’re slowly but surely getting to the point in the season where we will see the clear frontrunners peel ahead, but not before we get some more Olivia drama. They’re making a big deal about Olivia’s issues in the previews for this week’s show, but I don’t think she’ll go just yet.

I’m still loving Jojo, Becca, Lauren B. and Amanda. They’re still my final four, with Jojo as my predicted winner. As much as I do love Becca, I just see him with Jojo (or even Lauren B.) at the end of this. Anyone agree with me?

I’m currently at 87 points total. My husband is beating me! I don’t know how I should feel about that. How are you doing so far, and who are your favorites? Anyone #TeamJubilee after last week? I think Amber put the nail in her coffin after attacking Jubilee like that right in front of Ben. Shouldn’t she know as a second-timer that her little escapade is a one-way ticket out of the Bachelor mansion? (Well, she did manage to get back in…)

Printing reminder: Right click the image below, select “open image in new tab” and print. And if you need a refresher on who is left, head to!

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