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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Six

I know, I know. You've been freaking out for a week over that "to be continued" fast one ABC pulled on us last week. I have been, too. I live on the west coast, and The Bachelor doesn't air out here until 10 p.m. in the central time zone, and when it was over in Texas, my friends blew up my phone with texts like "What do we do!?" and "How will I fill out a rose bracket next week!?" I reminded my friends that I had not watched yet and thanked them for ruining the show for me! (Ahem, you know who you are.) #westcoastprobs

Here's the deal. I've learned from multiple sources that nine women make it through last week's episode, not eight. So, here's what you do. If two of the three women you chose to leave last week end up being sent home when we finally watch last week's rose ceremony, you get credit for them, and basically get a freebie this week. So, let's say you sent home Jubilee, Olivia and Jojo last week (we already know that Jubilee went home), and the other woman who leaves at the beginning of Monday's episode is Jojo, you get the five points for Olivia staying (free points!). If you need clarification on how many points you should receive from last week's rose ceremony, feel free to email me at Remember, each correct rose last week earns you five points. Be sure to fill out this week's rose bracket as soon as you've watched last week's rose ceremony. Pause your DVR or fill it out during the commercial break.

I should have known better than to think this would be an easy, drama-free season, huh?

Tonight we say goodbye to three women (as long as ABC doesn't throw a wrench in our plans) as we inch closer and closer to the coveted hometown dates. I am thrilled that Amanda finally had a one-on-one date and that it went so well. Side rant: I strongly despise that people are making fun of her voice and how she says "like" a little too often. 1) She can't help her voice, and 2) I say "like" often, as well, especially when I'm nervous, but I'm not on TV, so millions of people can't make fun of me for it. I love Amanda and think she is a genuinely kind person. She and Ben are adorable, likes and all. End rant.

One more thing: isn't it kind of crazy that Olivia hasn't been on a one-on-one date yet? She got the first impression rose. By now, the first impression rose recipient has either been on a one-on-one date or they're gone. I think this is very telling of how Ben truly feels about her (read: she's not at the top of his list).

I'm still banking on Amanda, Lauren B., Becca and Jojo as the top four. What do you think?

Need a refresher on who's left? Here you go.

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Feature image via Betches.


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