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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Seven

So, maybe I didn't see that Olivia vs. Emily two-on-one date coming last week (I sent both of them home), and I definitely didn't see Olivia going over Emily. She had a good run, though. Can we also talk about how sad it was that Emily and Ben left the island, leaving Olivia standing there literally getting blown away?

We are now down to six women (Jojo, Lauren, Becca, Amanda, Emily and Caila) and after this week, we'll be heading to the ladies' hometowns! I am sticking with my initial final four (Lauren, Jojo, Amanda and Becca), although I feel like Caila could sneak in there, but I just don't know who I'd drop.

I am currently leading my league (woo!) and I'm still pulling for a Jojo win, although I am starting to love Ben + Amanda. I'd love to see Jojo as the bachelorette, too. Who's your final four?

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Happy [almost] Bachelor Monday! And happy Valentine's Day, friends! Hope you've been able to celebrate all the love in your life.


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