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Bachelor Ben Rose Bracket: Week Eight

Well, my little Bachelor heart was broken last week with Becca's exit. I could have sworn from the beginning that she would be a front-runner, and I think I was in a bit of denial the last few weeks as her run was slowing down. Some people have said she could be a candidate for Bachelor in Paradise, but I don't know. I'd rather see her as the Bachelorette!

So, now that we're down to Caila, Lauren, Jojo and Amanda, I think we're faced with the toughest decision yet (excuse my Bachelor cliche), especially because the previews made it seem as though all of the hometowns are a little rough. I think Amanda's hometown will be a wake-up call for Ben that either he truly can or cannot handle being a dad to two little girls right away, and I will have to go with my head here and send home Amanda this week, so my final three are Caila, Lauren and Jojo. My heart wants Amanda to stay, but I have a feeling he won't want to keep her any longer if he feels even the slightest reservations about being a dad from the get-go.

What did you think of last week's episode, and who is your final three? I am currently at 221 points!

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