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Everything You Need to Know about Blushington + Makeup Hacks

I do not love doing my makeup in the morning. I think I mostly hate it because I watch my husband roll out of bed and take maybe 10 minutes to get ready for work, and I think about all of the lost sleep in my life compared to him. Hashtag so unfair.

But I love doing my makeup for big events like weddings, photo shoots, etc., and I really love getting my makeup done. But how many of us have gotten our makeup done only to look in the mirror and not even recognize the person we're looking at? I've been there, and it can be so awkward because you don't want to hurt the makeup artist's feelings, but then again, you paid for that service.

Let me be the one to introduce you to Blushington. As if I needed another beauty and pampering obsession, I learned about Blushington a while ago because it's next door to the Drybar I frequented when I lived in Dallas. I didn't utilize its services until January of this year, and now I'm hooked. Unfortunately, Blushington only has studios in New York, LA (multiple locations) and Dallas, but I am sure they will expand soon because of the immense success they've experienced already.

There are quite a few reasons I love Blushington:

1. The decor. I love the pretty, feminine setup of the studio, from the pinks, to the flowers, to the magazines on the table at reception. You just walk in and feel the pampering coming your way.

2. The flexibility of the makeup artists. From the get-go, my makeup artist told me to stop her if she ever did something I didn't like, and she was open to changes or touch-ups when we were finished. I don't love a ton of eyeliner on my bottom lashes, so she adjusted that a couple of times until I felt confident in what it looked like. No offense taken, either. They understand everyone's styles and needs are different.

3. The makeup. Blushington uses top-of-the-line products, and I've fallen in love with Becca Cosmetics (not because of the name, I promise) and Stila because of my experiences with the products at Blushington. I purchased the Stila Stay All Day foundation + concealer and I absolutely love it. This comes with an incredible amount of foundation, and the top of the cap holds the concealer, plus you get a concealer application brush. The coverage is perfect and it doesn't feel heavy, plus it applies very evenly.

4. The options. They have a menu of sorts so you can tell the artist the type of look you're going for, and each option has daytime and evening options so you can get the exact amount of natural or glam that you desire.

Dress // Necklace // Shoes (other option)

Here are my top four makeup tips and hacks that I've rounded up from my time at Blushington and with other makeup artists.

1. Use a beauty blender for foundation application. I will never go back to makeup brushes for foundation after discovering the beauty blender at Blushington. My makeup looks and feels so much more even with this little ball of magic. I wet the beauty blender slightly and then squeeze out the excess water before I use it so I get a natural dewy effect, and this allows your makeup to set on your face more effectively.

2. Use a primer. I've been using primers for a while, but I love this primer because 1) the price and 2) it actually works. I feel like my face makeup hangs on tight all day long when I use this primer, and I can definitely tell a difference on days I forget to use it. I use this after my moisturizer has set but before my foundation. Thanks to my friend Mattie of Fit is Chic for the recommendation!

3. Use an eyeshadow for your lower lash liner. I rarely use pencil or liquid liner on my lower lashes because I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller, and I love my big eyes. However, I still like something on my lower lashes, so I use a darker brown in my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette with a thin brush from Sephora before I apply mascara to my lower lashes. This technique gives me a subtle pop but it doesn't over do it.

4. Use a setting spray every day. Setting sprays aren't just for special events. We get ready early in the morning and sometimes need our makeup to last into the night. I don't love carrying a bunch of makeup in my purse for touch-ups, so I am a big advocate for setting spray to keep my makeup in check. I also love the dewy look this Urban Decay spray gives me (read: dewy, not oily!).

I believe every woman deserves to be pampered from time to time, so if you have a big event coming up and live near a Blushington, you should definitely treat yourself. If you've been to Blushington, what did you think? And what are some of your favorite makeup hacks? I'd love to hear from you!

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