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See Summer Better with Warby Parker

I have been a huge fan of Warby Parker for four years now. I love that Warby Parker was founded based on a personal experience. One of the co-founders lost his glasses while he was in college, and he quickly learned that glasses are expensive. So, Warby Parker was founded to provide an alternative: designer eyewear at not-so-designer prices.

In addition to working to ensure their prices are affordable, Warby Parker is also committed to being socially-conscious. According to Warby Parker's website, approximately 15 percent of the world's population doesn't have access to the eyewear they need. Warby Parker partners with nonprofits like VisionSpring to get a pair of glasses to someone in need for every Warby Parker purchase. That's a business model I can get behind.

Don't live near a Warby Parker store? You're in luck. Warby Parker gives you the opportunity to try on select frames through at-home try-on. All you do is pick out five frames, and they ship the frames to you. You have five days to try them on (and take Snapchat selfies, like I did, so friends can help you out), and then you send the frames back (WP pays for shipping) and order the ones you love. Also, I didn't have my prescription handy, so Warby Parker called my optometrist to get my prescription for me. So. easy.

I love my Ripley glasses pictured below. I've never owned a pair of glasses like these, and honestly, when I picked them for my at-home try-on, I only picked them for fun, not thinking I would actually want to buy them. But, I fell in love, and these were the frames I went with!

Glasses // Dress // Ring // Ring // Ring // Necklace // Shoes

I am thrilled to help Warby Parker introduce its summer line. I know I can't wait for the days to feel longer, lake trips with my girlfriends, and long weekends fill with tons of vitamin D (complete with sunscreen, of course), and what better way to welcome summer than with a new pair of shades?

I am obsessed with the Tilley and Hattie frames. I've never been one to go for frames like the Tilley, but I love the vintage, 1950s look (I sometimes wish I was young in the 50s, at least for a day). I also love the girly and classic feel to the Hattie frames. Even though the frames are a bit lighter, these seem like a pair of sunglasses I would wear all year long.

What do you think of the crystal frames trend? I have always been a fan, but I never felt that I could pull them off. When I tried on my frames from my at-home try-on, I requested a pair of crystal frames, and I loved them, but I was too afraid to commit. Maybe I should give the crystal sunglasses a chance. The Reilly frames are perfect!

Check out more of Warby Parker's summer line! Which frames are your favorite?

And now I'm really ready for summer. If you're not quite there, check out this #seesummerbetter video and I'm sure you'll be ready soon enough!

This post was sponsored by Warby Parker, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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