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My favorite products for damaged hair

I've said it once and I'll say it again: if you color and/or use heat on your hair, you need to invest in proper products that will protect your hair. Blow drying, straightening, curling, and coloring your hair all result in damage, but thankfully, there are some amazing products out there that can help protect your tresses in between in trims.

I used to be in denial over the extent of the damage I have done to my hair. I'd pluck those split ends off, and that was the end of it, right? (You're guilty of that, too; admit it!) But between coloring, blow drying and curling my hair, I've done some serious damage to it over the years. My hair stylist recommended the four products below, and I am absolutely in LOVE.

Have you ever used a product that smells amazing, and after you style it that smell disappears? This is not the case with these Kevin Murphy products and this Moroccan Oil. That was one of the very first things I noticed when I styled my hair after using these products for the first time: the smell is strong (in a good way) and it lasts.

Here's the order in which I use these products.

1. Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash. Super light, but it gets the job done!

2. Kevin Murphy Repair Me Rinse. Your hair will feel so, so soft after you rinse this conditioner out!

3. Moroccan Oil. I use this on wet hair before drying. I mostly apply it to my ends only, and I highly recommend only using it on your ends if you have thin hair and/or your hair gets oily easily. My hair stylist swears by it!

4. Kevin Murphy Damage Manager Heat Shielding Spray. I spray this all over my dry hair before styling with a straightener or curling iron.

Speaking of straighteners, my beloved Chi died on me a few months ago after six years of service. I almost bought another Chi, but like the good consumer I am, I decided to shop around before committing to another Chi. After polling my Facebook friends, the Babyliss Pro was heavily favored, and I am so glad I bought it. The Babyliss doesn't snag my hair and it feels like it's legitimately smoothing my hair. I also love that you can adjust the heat settings, and even on a lower heat setting, it gets the job done well. I use my straigtener to curl my hair, too!

Do you have any products for damaged hair that you'd add to my list?



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