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Five beauty products I have on repeat

I am the type of person who loves to mix it up and try new things when it comes to my beauty routine. There are so many beauty products out there, at so many different price points, and it can be difficult to stick with certain products because you just want to try something new. If you follow a ton of bloggers, you're probably exposed to an array of new beauty products every single day, and I'm going to add to the saturation here.

Despite my desire to give new products a try, I do have five staple beauty buys that consistently make an appearance in my daily routine. I've seen serious results with these products, and although they can be a bit pricey, they're worth the extra money in my opinion, and all five of these last for a very long time. So, whether you're looking to mix up your routine or if you're hoping to add something to your beauty regimen you do not already use daily, here are five products that I think are worth investing in, both with your time and money.

1. Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer

I have used this foundation for at least one year now, and that is a record for me in terms of foundation consistency. The coverage this foundation provides is perfect - not too much to where it feels cake-y, but not too little to where you feel like it's not accomplishing anything. Another aspect of this foundation that sets it apart from others is the bottle. It's tough to explain in a post, but basically it comes out of the top of the container and you push the top down to release the foundation, so you don't end up using more than you need. Bonus: it has a hidden compartment of concealer on the top of the bottle.

2. Stila One Step Correct Skin Tone Correcting Brightening Serum

Speaking of Stila, I got my makeup done at Blushington about a year-and-a-half ago, and my makeup artist used this serum as a primer, and I've been using it ever since. It has three concentrates to it, all of which serve a different purpose. The peach color works to brighten your skin tone, all while correcting sunspots. The green color alleviates redness and is the first step in concealing blemishes. Finally, the lavender color energizes your skin. I haven't worn a ton of makeup while I've been on maternity leave, even when I run errands, but I always put this on after I moisturize and I truly feel like it does give my skin a boost.

3. MOROCCANOIL Treatment

Full transparency: I don't wash my hair every day. I don't even wash my hair every other day. I average about 2 times per week when it comes to washing my hair. (This shower cap from Drybar is my saving grace, along with their dry shampoo. And now I realize that's seven products when I said I'd share five.) This MOROCCANOIL Treatment is one of the reasons I'm able to go so long between washes. I put it on my damp hair after a shower and mid-shaft to ends after my hair is dry and styled. I use it every day after that to brighten my locks and enhance the softness of my hair. Be careful using it on your roots, though. You don't want to add extra oil up there.

4. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This stuff will transform your skin. Just three drops of it every night right before you moisturize will correct damage that has occurred throughout the day and leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. And, it smells amazing.

5. Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Sugar Nude

This lip treatment is a staple in my purse. I don't wear lipstick often, mostly because I don't like reapplying, especially during the school day, and I'm not a huge fan of chapstick. Enter: Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment. It's the best of both worlds: you get the moisture chapstick provides and a bit of color at the same time. I love the Sugar Nude color because it goes with everything. This also has SPF 15!

BONUS: Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

I didn't include this in my top five only because I stopped using it while I was pregnant (I could have continued using it, I believe, but I was kind of crazy about what I put on and in my body). BUT, I LOVE THIS TONER. I started using it again after I had Case, and I instantly remembered why I love it so much. It's incredibly soothing, and I feel like it truly does soften and brighten my skin.

There you have it! Minus the Sugar Lip Treatment (which is currently on its way as I ran out last week), all of these items are in my bathroom and are used daily. What are some of your beauty must-haves?



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