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New skincare regimen: Drunk Elephant

There are quite a few skincare lines that I have tried and liked well enough. I still love Tula and Kiehl's overall, but I haven't always loved every product I've tried. Sometimes I like a few products from one line, but not others, so I mix and match skincare lines, which is totally fine, but I used to wish I could find one line I like and stick with it.

Well, my friends, I've found it. If you have not heard of it already, let me be the one to introduce you to Drunk Elephant. Weird name, incredible products!

Let me start with the bad news: this stuff is not cheap. But I have seen some serious results in my skin in terms of fine lines, tone, and overall clearness and texture, and I honestly do not see myself shifting skincare lines anytime soon. Everyone I've talked to about Drunk Elephant says the same thing, and whenever a Sephora associate sees me grabbing items off the shelf, their immediate reaction is something along the lines of, "Oh, that stuff is gold."

Another important piece that I love about this line (and that Drunk Elephant proudly markets to customers) is that they don't use any of the "suspicious six" ingredients: silicones, chemical screens, sensitizing colorants/perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), essential oils, drying alcohols), so you can rest assured that these products are not harmful for your skin.

I'm going to share my current rotation of products (in the order I use them), and then I'll share where I think you should start if you want to give it a trial run before jumping into more products, because like I said, some of these products can be a tad pricey.


1) Wash with Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser

I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF. Seriously. It leaves your face feeling so clean and refreshed. My skin tends to be more on the dry side, but it doesn't leave my face feeling dried out.

2) Apply C-Firma Day Serum

I apply this serum to my face, neck, and the back (top? not my palms, ha!) of my hands. This serum helps even your skin's tone and texture, and it aids in firming your skin. It will also stay active on your skin for up to 72 hours (but I still apply every morning).

3) Moisturize with Protini Polypeptide Cream

This moisturizer is good for all skin types, from oily, to dry, to sensitive skin! This may sound silly, but one of my favorite things about this moisturizer is the packaging. No, not how it looks, but how it's designed. You just have to push down on the top and you get however much you want out, lessening the chance of overusing the product or wasting it.

Now onto the actual product. My beef with a lot of moisturizers is that they feel too heavy or greasy, but this moisturizer does not leave my skin feeling greasy at all. It is light, refreshing, and powerful, and it lasts me forever. Like I said, my skin is pretty dry, but it just takes a little bit of this cream to leave my skin feeling soft and firm.

4) Apply Shaba Complex Eye Serum

When I first bought this eye serum, the Sephora associate who helped me locate it gave me a little tip: apply to your eyelids, and it actually helps with eyelash growth. I must say, I have noticed that my eyelashes look significantly longer. I don't know if that has anything to do with post-pregnancy stuff or getting back on prenatal vitamins (**NO BABY RIGHT NOW JUST WANT LONG HAIR AGAIN**), but girlfriend may have been right!

I love this because it really does help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Working + motherhood has really taken a toll on my sleep, so this serum is a lifesaver.

5) Final step: Umbre Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

If you're not already using SPF on your face daily, please start now! It's so easy to overlook this, but the skin on our face is so sensitive, especially to sunlight, so protecting your skin throughout the day is incredibly important.

I use this as a primer underneath my foundation, and I also wear it by itself on days I don't want to wear makeup.


I use the moisturizer and eye serum, but I have a few things on my list to try next...

If you want to ease into Drunk Elephant, these are the three products I recommend starting with:

1) Protini Polypeptide Cream

2) C-Firma Day Serum

3) Umbre Tinte Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30

You can also get The Littles—a set of eight mini products to try for $90 ($123 value).

How long does all of this last me? I started using the moisturizer and eye serum at the same time at the beginning of May. I STILL have the eye serum (you don't need to use a ton), and I got my second round of moisturizer and cleanser two weeks ago (so a month-and-a-half). I started using the day serum and SPF about a month ago, so I'll keep you updated on how long those last me, but I still have tons of both products.

Anyone else obsessed with Drunk Elephant? Did I miss any product must-haves? Please let me know!


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