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Get in the Photo

Raise your hand if your mind went here when you saw today's blog post title:

That was my hope.

Moving on...

About one month ago, Case's daycare asked us for family photos for a project (Yes, my 8-month-old has "projects" at school. We love Creme de la Creme.) I scrolled through my camera roll trying to locate photos of me with Case, Logan with Case, Logan's family, and my family. Let it be known: I have a TON of photos of Case. I have photos of Case doing absolutely nothing from those early days. I have videos of Case just staring into the camera. There is no shortage of Case photos whatsoever.

However, there is a shortage of photos of me + Case. And that made me really sad.

Those first few weeks (or months, really) are all about survival. As a new mom, I made sure to rarely put on makeup, and my hair lived in messy bun. My new-mom uniform was essentially a routine of daytime robes and nighttime robes thanks to my C-section recovery. Depending on who the visitor was, I didn't even change out of my robe when people came by to visit Case (Notice I said visit Case, not me. It's fine; I totally get it).

So, do you think there was any way my face would make it from behind the camera?

Spoiler alert: the answer is no.

As the days turned to weeks and weeks to months, I got a tad more comfortable with my new role as a mom. I lost my pregnancy weight, I had more energy (thanks to my amazing little sleeper), and I felt like I had my house under control. My hair started to look halfway decent, and I no longer neglected my makeup bag. However, I still didn't get in front of the camera, and I know I will regret this later.

When Case is older, I'll want to show him how cute he was as a baby, and I may be a little hopeful here, but I think he'll want to see what I looked like when he was a baby, too. And not only that, I'll want these memories of the two of us together; after all, these early years are such a blur, and photos capture what you wish would stand still.

When we took our family photos for our Christmas cards with my friend Micaela, I really just wanted a few good ones of all of us and a few of Case by himself. But Micaela knows what she's doing, and she had Logan take some with Case, and then it was my turn. I am so thankful she thought to take those photos, because now I have a little added bonus from his first-ever Christmas card shoot. And you better believe I am framing one of just the two of us.

Moms: just get in the photo. Do it. Even when you don't feel beautiful. Even when you don't have makeup on. Even when your hair isn't done. Even when you're in the middle of cleaning. Even when you're in your pajamas. Even after a workout. Even when you don't want to. Get in the photo.

And not only that, but cherish these photos. Even when it's not, in your opinion, your best. Even when it's not "frame worthy." And even when there's no "reason" to cherish it other than because it's a photo of you and your baby. Isn't that enough?

One more time: get in the photo.

Photos via Micaela Ivette Photography


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